Day 2 of #WorldAutismWeekWatch now (38 sec) | Today we think on acceptance and the wisdom of Winnie the Pooh
Day 1 of #WorldAutismWeekWatch now (59 sec) | Be prepared to get quick daily posts, just for this week!
World Autism Acceptance Week starts on Monday. Here's some reflections, resources, and my usual fundraiser.
The world changes every time a group of people produce relatable content that challenges the status quo. We can all help with that.
Curveballs, intimidating people, senior stakeholders, delicate situations. All those fun things that demand quick thinking, reading the room and…
Have you built yours?
Mental models, delivery and fiction - One mindset at a time
New year, new newsletter - One mindset at a time
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Invincible Career®
Invincible Career®
Larry Cornett, Ph.D.
And another thing..
And another thing..
Penelope Blackmore

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