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Day 2 of #WorldAutismWeek

Today we think on acceptance and the wisdom of Winnie the Pooh

One of my most "autistic" traits is that I need to fully understand something, in its ins and outs, before I can properly accept it. This has helped me do my job well, it has also infuriated my superiors, parents and teachers, but most of all, it's just a need I have and protect.

Therefore, I do have empathy for the side of the world that still doesn't understand neurodiversity, and I don't judge them for struggling to accept all its nuances. Similarly to what I was saying in my last newsletter, not all of it comes from rejection, a lot comes from a lack of awareness.

I'm seeing a few autism "acceptance" posts this week that have a tone of scorn, contempt and shaming towards society. I get it, I'm as angry as everyone else, I've done my fair share of rants at "society putting us in boxes" and I'm certain I will do more.

But this week I want to spread a positive message 🫶: it's ok to not know, and it's ok to not fully understand, as long as we don't judge and we don't close doors.

Please consider donating to The National Autistic Society, and/or sharing this message 😊

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