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Day 3 of #WorldAutismWeek: Ted Lasso

You know what I love about Ted Lasso? 

A lot, but most of all, his “Be curious, not judgemental” speech, from season 1. 

I wasn’t always curious. I was a product of my upbringing, I judged myself and everyone else harshly, based on a series of social construct that I thought were law.

What caught me by surprise, being diagnosed as an adult, was the work I had to do to forgive myself for all the pressure I put myself under. Someone said the same to me recently: “the coffee-fuelled nights to meet crazy deadlines, always believing I was the lazy one, that I couldn’t keep up - for years, I never stopped working”.

Shifting my mindset from judgement to curiosity is the biggest gift I could give to myself and everyone around me. It’s also the most happy and fun I’ve ever felt in my life.

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