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Day 4 of #WorldAutismWeek

Special bunny appearance. Today’s colour is purple, and today’s thought is on emotions.

We often mix up emotions with intentions and facts, especially when it comes to other people. One emotion will chime in more strongly and the others and colour our perception beyond logic.

“They said something I didn’t want to hear, therefore they are rude/inappropriate/provocative” 

“They worry me when they behave unusually, therefore they’re unreliable” 

Or, on the opposite side

“They make me feel comfortable, therefore they’re trustworthy and competent” 

What if we just learned to recognise when our emotions are controlling our thoughts? That’s what mindfulness is all about. So we can make more intentional choices.

What I love about Inside Out is how it shows that our emotions can learn and adapt, because they are there to serve us, not the other way around. 

➡️ Tomorrow is the last day I’ll be painting my head with funny things to get attention for #autismacceptance! If I’m entertaining you, you know what to do 🫶 

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One mindset at a time
One mindset at a time
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