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Last day of #WorldAutismWeek: who will it be?

Another special bunny appearance. Today is orange and we reflect on representation.

Last day of fundraising for #autismacceptanceweek, with another special bunny cameo!

A massive thank you for all who’ve donated, liked and shared! ❤️

➡️And to all the others, last chance! Here it all goes to @nationalautisticsociety

I chose Grogu as my last subject of the week for two reasons:

🛸 Being autistic can very much feel like being an alien, or a visitor in an alien world.

🎬 Representation in media and culture has been scarce until recently, leaving many autistic folk to relate to aliens and robots.

Mr. Spock, Data, C3PO, Din Djarin, the Jedi… characters driven by logic, with unique mannerism, a strong belief system and a fundamentally kind soul. 

Although they’re often solitary, they are accepted as they are in their shows, which is healing to watch.

Do I wish they hadn’t all been men? Yeah. 😄 

But I had Jane Eyre to rely on growing up -  Charlotte Bronte would not have known about autism but she described it beautifully!

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